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Slabacube is part of a series of studies which deploy primitive geometry across particles where the primitives behavior is shaped by the particle attributes [Study 1 – Cube] —Our slabacube is being defined by the nparticle attributes, of course the better the nparticle behavior the better the results. Next study will use another primitive. Interestingly these studies begin to remind me of some of the abandoned Soviet Monuments —

  • Position – World Position
  • Scale – Position
  • Shear – Velocity
  • Cube count around 100k



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  1. Is it possible to add th cubes to the culebra script and make it emit those shapes on the lines? or would it just crash assuming its using 100,000 cubes

    • lol I have not really thought about that, but yea I would assume we would have some performance issues even if using the display conduit pipeline.

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