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project : RE-LUXOED
type : Concept Light Prototype
location : Los Angeles, CA
team : Luis Quinones – Jon Stahl – David Stamatis



RE-LUXOED is a revolutionary lighting concept using state of the art materials and technology. Photosynthetic and heliotropic floral behaviors served as design drivers for this specific lamp. RELUXOED then has a diurnal mentality; it assumes a charge cycle pose during the day, and a discharge cycle pose at night. As a result, zero ‘from the grid’ electricity is required to power this ultra compact desk light.

Its usage is simple:

1. During the day, stick the closed lamp to any window. Thin film solar sheets embedded in the silicone suction cups will charge an array of microbatteries. Boost converters allow voltage to be stepped up, or amplified, to power the OLED lighting elements.
2. At night, simply remove the fixture from the window and reattach it to any surface: a desk, the back of your computer, the wall.
3. Press anywhere on the OLED array and the light transforms into its discharge pose. An armature actuated by spring loaded and gas struts unfurls, while the boost converters are switched on and activate the light itself. An embedded photometric light sensor monitors the ambient light conditions, and adjusts the light output accordingly to preserve battery life, and provide the most balanced and pleasing light quality.


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