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emergen[cy] [July.2009] 


project : emergen[cy] 
type : installation
material : 200+ 8mm Birch Plywood Components
location : Bios Gallery – Athens, Greece
date : 2009

Design Team:
Luis Quinones
Griffin Frazen

Apo Mechanes 2009
Ezio Blasetti, Dave Pigram, Roland Snooks, Loulietta Zindrou



Emergen[cy] was created to further study algorithmic and parametric design processes as means for design and fabrication. The installation focuses on emergent behavior by means of exploring local interactions between components which give rise to emerging structures. Our aims were to develop two independent systems [tensegrity] [aggregation] by means of recursive and conditional code to explore potential interaction[s] once the systems merge. The piece is made up of 200+ 8mm birch plywood components, each component consist of 4 parts, two wings plus 2 stabilizing pieces. Conceptually it was important to focus on local rules to generate emergent structures so our focus was on the design of one component. The components were then aggregated based on reference points and orient points. By adjusting the angle of each piece as well as the connection points we were able to test efficiency of connections as well as overlaps. We realized that a multipart component was capable of generating dynamic aggregations.



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