//Code written by Luis Quinones @ [complicitMatter]
 //Feel free to use and modify the code in any way you want, please comment below with suggestions, ideas of any relevant throughts

 private void RunScript(Point3d att, bool reset, int ptCount, ref object A)
    BoundingBox bb = new BoundingBox(-100, -100, -100, 100, 100, 100); //set bounding box
    Random rnd = new Random();

    List<Vector3d> vecs = new List<Vector3d>();
    List<Point3d> returnedvecs = new List<Point3d>();

    if(reset){ //reset will re initialize all values, since we are using the timer we will use this as a trigger

      this.startList = new List<Vector3d>();

      for(int i = 0; i < ptCount; i++){
        this.startPos = new Vector3d(rnd.Next(-100, 100), rnd.Next(-100, 100), rnd.Next(-100, 100)); //set the starting position

        this.moveVec = new Vector3d(rnd.NextDouble(), rnd.NextDouble(), rnd.NextDouble()); //set the move vec
        int switchDir = rnd.Next(-1, 1); //use trigger to make some random values negative doubles
        if(switchDir < 0){
          this.moveVec *= 2;
          this.moveVec *= -2;
      creeperPoints = this.startList;

      creepers creeperPts = new creepers(this.startList, this.moveList, bb); //create instance of creepers
      this.startList = creeperPts.outputList; 
      creeperPoints = this.startList;
  //------------Global Variables--------------------
  private List<Vector3d> moveList = new List<Vector3d>();
  private List<Vector3d> startList = new List<Vector3d>();
  private Vector3d startPos = new Vector3d();
  private Vector3d moveVec;
//------------Creeper Class Agents------------------
  public class creepers{
//---------------Class Variables--------------------
    private BoundingBox bbox;
    public Vector3d pos = new Vector3d();
    public List<Vector3d> posList = new List<Vector3d>();
    public List<Vector3d> posMoveList = new List<Vector3d>();
    public List<Vector3d> outputList = new List<Vector3d>();
    public creepers(List<Vector3d> vecs, List<Vector3d> move, BoundingBox bb){

      this.posList = vecs;
      this.posMoveList = move;
      this.bbox = bb;
//-----------------Move method----------------------
    public void move(){

      for(int i = 0; i < this.posList.Count; i++){

        this.pos = new Vector3d();
        this.pos += this.posList[i];
        this.pos += this.posMoveList[i];


//------------Check location method----------------
//if the creeper is past the bounding box then spawn in a new location inside
    public void checkLoc(){

      if(!this.bbox.Contains((Point3d) this.pos)){
        Random rnd = new Random();
        this.pos = new Vector3d(rnd.Next(-100, 100), rnd.Next(-100, 100), rnd.Next(-100, 100));
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